Wednesday, May 13, 2015

All I Really Wanna Do Is Baby Be Friends With You

I don't want to be a celebrity chef or be a brand.  I really just want to cook good food and then eat it.  I love that people are so ambitious and desire restaurant chains and franchises.  I struggle to imagine enjoying a stand or a food truck.  I'm not scared of hard work at all, it's more the whole act of making food for strangers that turns me off.  I've always been a little odd that way.
I watched a few day marathon of Frankie and Grace on Netflix.  I had to see my Lily but wondered if I'd love a show about old couples that realize their husbands are gay. It was good, I enjoyed it a lot.  But the premise is a little troubling.  I can't pinpoint what had me so perplexed.  Is this a thing?  Husbands and wives discovering they're gay after 40 years?  And then that classification gets a little murky for me.  Were they not gay before? Is being the actual act of doing?
And what happened to bisexuals?  I've been a proud card carrier my adult life although the card's expired and I don't think they even issue them anymore.  The bureau seems to have closed up shop and torn down. It's like calling yourself Oriental or Chicano. My feeling; why do we have to choose?  I've always selected based on the actual person.  Where is my group?!  I feel like I'm out here alone on this one. I mean, it would be more odd for me to date a Mormon.  In the end, we like who we like, even the assholes.  You can be more conscious of who you give it all to but we really don't choose who we have chemistry with.  And I'm not confused, I barely like anyone in that way anymore.  In my youth though I had long standing crushes on drag queens, blatantly gay men, nerdy girls but also big straight dumb guys that I had little in common with, so go figure. I'm attracted to interesting. If I had to spend the rest of my days with someone other than my husband it would most likely be my sister.   But after I've selected my mate, I still don't feel I chose to be straight.  I found love with this person.  I loved him from the first moment I saw him and I didn't have much say in the matter.  Truth be told I tried my best to get rid of him and couldn't. Selena Gomez knows, the heart wants what it wants. 

And does this mean if the guys on the show break up, they are now on the gay line only and could never cross back over to a hen?   This is so constrictive.  Who makes these rules?  Is the show saying the past 40 years was a farce?  I wonder if this were switched and it was a heterosexual late-finding-love-mission with each other's wives would this be sweet or charming?  
I hear Lily's ex-husband Sol talk and I think really Frankie, you never saw that comin' huh?  In the next season I hope they address little ways that maybe the ladies did see signs.  Plus Robert, Grace's husband confesses to sleeping with another man during the marriage.  That's not cool, infidelity is infidelity yo.  
The party the men throw is all male couples.  Another thing that bugs me a little. So now they'll strictly have only gay male friends?  
And putting aside the whole homosexual thing for a moment, I'm not crazy about seeing old people making out with old people or old people with young people for that matter.  I think it's positive for us to see it though because we're all walking around now feeling 20 when we're 50 and so I'm sure the trend will continue. It's reality.  We need to change our perception of people's vitality and contribution to the world later in life.

I was odd in my 20s with my thoughts on sexuality and I'm still unusual now I think.  Most people I meet have chosen sides and they're sticking to them.  To me that's like saying you don't like green beans with potatoes without even trying.  These were surprisingly great together!

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