Monday, April 27, 2015

Listen To What the Man Said

A B C.  A always. B, be.  C, cooking.  Always be cooking.  Actually my motto is now always be doing something, but it doesn't fit to the reference here and not a fun quote.
Wasted free time is a bit of a sin, or at least a type of failure to utilize our short passing moments here on earth.  Idle hands are the devil's workshop. I'm someone who could daydream their whole life away given the chance, so I give myself lists.  Constant lists. So many lists. I get so much out of cooking.  It allows me to shop for groceries, create, produce, experiment, take photos, write.  All fun things that I love to do.  And then you can eat your own art!
If you look at cooking like being a musician, then one thing I know for sure from being a lonely companion to one, is that you must constantly play, practice, write.  Again, always be something.  The growth comes with the process.  For me sometimes I love to just sit and think about food.  Think about what's good, what I want to eat, what's in season, ideas for future meals, ways food all ties into my whole life past and present.  I wonder what my friends and family is eating.  I also consider ways I could have cooked past meals better.  So I justify my constant daydreaming basically by making it part of the progress.  Spin your weaknesses.  Why beat yourself up.
On this day I thought of my mom and her home cooking before the restaurant.  There was a chicken casserole type dish she made with zucchini and mini corn on the cob pieces that soaked up all this delicious flavored rice with a bit of chicken fat to make it all glisten.  One of my favorites.
Due to time and also to trying to slim down recipes, I made my version with quinoa, skinless chicken, and left some bite on the vegetables to keep color and vibrancy.  No one can cook like my mom, except maybe my sister Rachel so I'll say this was me giving a nod to my mother's dish.
Always be cooking.  Always be eating.  Always be creating.  Always be doing something.   For all we know it will grow into something good.

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