Thursday, April 23, 2015

Never Going Back Again

We haven't eaten pizza for a bit but were craving it so I had to find a way.  When shopping for a firm yuca on this day, I stumbled upon this display of Cassava Bread, made of 100% yuca pulp! What luck!  I've done the cornmeal pizza crust. That was a semi-failure but will try, try again.  I made mini pizzas with cauliflower. That worked and completely transformed the grated and baked veggie.  But this 'bread' was good to go, a time saver and I was anxious to see if it could stay crisp after baking without burning.

And since I didn't have to take all the time to make the crust, I spent time on the sauce and the toppings.  I roasted broccoli ahead of time and sliced the sweet onions nice and thin,  to cut the calories I used ground chicken with lots of fresh herbs. The mushrooms went on top with some good olive oil.  This is always a last minute conundrum. Cheese on tippy top or leave one topping showing to entice the eyes?  Put the cheese right on top of the sauce and everything else over the cheese to make the slice look bountiful?  
What to do, what to do?  If only these were the real problems in life.

In the end the crust was like a cracker, did not get soggy and kept it's integrity without getting burnt in the high heat.  Duly noted!!  I will use again and this will help me to stay away from the pizza slices from Not Rays.  Must. Stop. Wanting fatty pizza.

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