Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What a Fool Believes She Sees, No Wise Man Has the Power To Reason Away

I love that we're looking at these common vegetables a whole new way.  Cauliflower is the new it girl when a few years ago, would sit on the shelves waiting to be added to a summer salad. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.  But now she's front and center in pizza crust and this dish, Chicken and Peppers starring, Grated Cauliflower as Fried Rice!
The texture is so great and this was super light and easy on the gut.  I'm tackling a little gerd.
Common vegetables are only as happenin' as you make them, I'm learning.  Everyday, regular, doesn't have to be synonymous with humdrum or standard.  They can be like when that girl at school that everyone ignored until one day she came in with that mini skirt on and then you all realized she had amazing legs and all the sudden she was all that with mystery and mystique.   I was never that girl.  I stayed dwarf-like until way too late to be lusted after.  But my mom tried to get us girls primped up at least for photo day at school.  This one year knowing I was a hopelessly shy pathetic mess, she told me all day that orange was my color.  I even had a semi-matching barrette to go with this fetching sweater.  All day I tried to stay upright as not to muss my quaff.  And I've kept that good memory that I was sorta stunning that day because my mom made me believe it.

...Until a few weeks ago when I was scanning pics of all us siblings and I found a pic of my sister, who by the way is 8 years older than me, in the exact same sweater!

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