Saturday, December 8, 2012

It Just Seems So Useless to Have to Work So Hard and Nothing Ever Seems to Really Come From It

By a sheer miracle I was off this Sunday, since I normally work both weekend days or nights, which sucks and even moreso when you're not 25 but double that plus! But the great thing about not having a lot is you are super grateful when you get anything.
But other times I'm more like Job from the story in the bible. I've been a sinner all my life, so I have no idea where I come off feeling like that. But sometimes I admit to being very bitter for my lot in life. Why do I work so hard and seem not to get anywhere? I try hard, I try to be nice, I try to treat people respectfully and even be extra kind. I don't steal or cheat or murder. I don't know, sometimes I feel things don't seem so fair.
Then I'll watch the news and realize, uh, I don't have real troubles. Maybe I just don't like to go to work. Never have. I was not a fan of coming out of that warm womb and its only gone down from there. I don't mean to whine but yeah, it's winter in the east, so its darn cold and I ride my bike to work. I'm tired and burnt out and I don't want to go to my soul crushing job. It's not the worst job but is that really the consolation?'s not the worst? The company is great and you can't beat the benefits. But I could have sworn I was meant to do something so much cooler and fulfilling. Or was I? What if the answer is no. I was never meant to do anything more interesting. If I knew that were true maybe I could actually relax a bit, sit back and enjoy the ride. Maybe create better food.
Sometimes my favorite seat in the house is the pity pot. I'm gonna try to get off of it just long enough to tell ya that I made some great cheeseless omelets with spinach, turkey bacon and capers. I put a little Greek yogurt in the eggs and they were fluffy and creamy.
We got out and picked up the Christmas tree, a real tall looker Spruce.
For lunch I did a delicious turkey sausage, broccoli rabe, garlic and olive oil pasta with Parmesan shavings.

I guess the plan is to try to maintain an on-going sense of gratitude for everything that I do have, keep creating better foods, and the rest for now remains a mystery.

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