Friday, December 14, 2012

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You

First let me say I picked up a whole fryer chicken for $5, which was a good deal I think. I'll be honest, I never really took the time to research the meanings of these descriptions although I figured it was pretty self explanatory, fryer for frying, roaster for roasting. Hey, I'm not trying to make it complicated.

And upon researching, they do say it's okay to roast a fryer but don't fry a roaster. Are you with me? The fryer is younger, smaller and will cook up nicely but stay juicy in the oil. The roasters are fatter, larger older birds, most likely hens that can take a long slow bake in that oven. Well dang, now that we're all so acquainted I was feeling a little guilty sticking a beer can up that little feller's open end.

So to make up for my bad behavior I gave him a very long deep rub down with some oil, smoked paprika, cayenne and garlic powder, onion powder and thyme. Then some fresh squeezed clementine juice to coat. He was having a tough time sitting up without help so I put him two whole clementines to prop him up and give him the support he required.

So handsome! I almost couldn't eat 'em. He was like a friend. And to make it worse, I took his liver and roasted it separately in a little butter salt and pepper and had that as a side snack and it was glorious!

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