Saturday, December 29, 2012

That's What I Like About You

National Thai take out on Fulton right up the street a block. I want to point out how great everything is on their menu that we've tried. I don't think I've ever had a bad dish. I got the spicy noodles that I love, love, LOVE! P got the steak salad. What made that salad rock was it's dressing, nice and refreshing and the portion was huge. An entree salad and they give you rice with it too, so you can make it a very full meal.

Also the soup is a little sweet with some heat and a couple of surprise shrimp on the bottom, lots of mushrooms and good broth. Love it.

I remember when this place opened and we really liked how they did the doorway and wondered if we'd ever try them. They have become our #1 go-to take out restaurant over the Smoke Joint, 67 Burger. #1 Chinese Restaurant and the two pizza places. Their prices are very reasonable, you can get an appetizer but the main thing is the quality and the flavor. They kick ass! And even though many dishes aren't exactly low-cal, you still get plenty of fresh vegetables cooked to perfection. What a treat!

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