Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's Your Thing (Do What You Wanna Do)

I call these 'Cheatin Chilaquiles' because I didn't have a homemade salsa, so instead I just added two big tablespoons of Srirachi sauce to my eggs. I toasted up the cubed soft corn tortillas in a small amount of oil along with the onions and turkey bacon. I threw in some fresh spinach leaves for color before stirring in the seasoned whipped eggs.

Honestly, I think because I start with soft corn torts and try to get a little crisp on them instead of starting with chips and softening them in salsa, this may be a whole 'nuther dish entirely. But who's really keeping track? Plus I didn't add any cheese to the top. Sometimes the smokey taste of the toasted torts are enough.

P is not picky especially at breakfast. Listen, someone is making him a big hot plate of food that involves eggs and some kind of meat and vegetable. That's all he need to be concerned with. The rest is my business.

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