Sunday, December 2, 2012

You Ask Me for a Contribution

Breakfast can be so many things. You can go to extremes and I love to experiment. But we also have a food revolution going on over here. Trying to look at all choices and eat healthier. P is requesting lighter breakfasts. Poached eggs, as opposed to omelets and frittatas, pancakes, french toast, you know, the good stuff. A poached egg is a poached egg. You can spend time getting just the right depth of cooking, which is actually not that easy so its a challenge but c'mon on! I'm fresh, I've had my coffee, I'm awake...I wanna make something fun!
So with that going on, I started to experiment a bit with sauteed vegetables, cracking the eggs on top, lowering the heat and covering with a lid to allow the eggs to steam cook. That makes for a really great soft gentle heat that the eggs seem to enjoy. It also leaves the whites so delicate. Then when the vegetables cook underneath on their little bed and get a carmelization to them, something great happens to the conjoined flavors.
This morning I had mushrooms and a bit of cheddar cheese on top to melt. With a side of ham and wheat toast. Everything's gonna be alright!

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