Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Big Payback, That Ain't Right!

This Thanksgiving I deboned a huge turkey and made smothered turkey and also a very rich carcass soup with the remainders. I also reserved one nice big breast to roast at a later date and this my friends is that date! Amazing flavors even with the dried herbs and the smell of turkey roasting is unbeatable.

This gave a lot of meat and provided several meals. I thought it might be dry but instead it was super moist. I rubbed the skin with butter and herbs, salt and pepper and bake uncovered, skin side up in a roasting rack with a little orange juice. I didn't cover it but cupped the foil so the juices wouldn't run out. 325 for a little over 2 hours and it was gorgeous.

It's hard to remain too romantic about the Thanksgiving bird on holidays, knowing what we all know. I know that this poor guy lived for about 20 weeks before he was slaughtered. Forced to live in a small compartment in a huge facility without natural light. Actually, I don't really know, I'm assuming. I'm a little confused right now. I spent extra on this Butterball either Fresh Young or Premium bird, now I forgot which. But because it was said to be free of all the hormone injections. Since I could not pay the money for a free-range bird, I figured this was my best choice. I went to the website to research the promotional material on this type but they provide no information other than a picture. Why wouldn't they boast that these birds were free of the hormones or added salt solutions and whatnot? Why would Butterball choose to leave off all beneficial information on their official website? To me this is completely suspicious. Now I'm wondering what leniency and liberties they took with their wording altogether. Maybe they just charge more money for false piece of mind?

At any rate,I sincerely give many thanks to this turkey, this beautiful bird that gave his life, albeit unknowingly and by doing so provided so much good food, pleasure and fun meals this year for us. I want him to know it did not go unnoticed.

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