Monday, December 31, 2012

It's All Part of My Rock and Roll Fantasy

Who is your ideal fantasy man? Some dork that takes time to lay out a trail of rose pedals to the bed for your anniversary? Some dweeb that orchestrates a You Tube video of synchronized dancing to a bad song for your wedding proposal? No thanks! I ain't no Cinderella, prince believin' fool!

These days a girl needs a guy that is based in some sort of reality, not fairyland. Life is real. Women aren't all goofy dingbats looking for a man to save them either. Hell, if they were actually capable, I'd say go for it! Take me Mandingo! But history proves, people need people and men hold no more power than women. And what's this outdated foo-foo vision of romance that some seemingly smart women desire anyway? How is that what you really want? I don't know, I've been with P for 21 years so we've had quite a bit of real life. I think the best they can do is be cool, try not to make you crazy and do nice things that their woman would enjoy from time to time. Specific targeted things, catered to you. For example this week P bought me a Black Sabbath t-shirt because I've been listening to lots of their old stuff and became obsessed with them again. That's romantic! The unexpected nicety is worth heaps. But it can't be something they got off some Google list of 'romantic ideas'. C'mon!

I had to work on New Year's Eve and then again on New Year's Eve day so even though we don't even really celebrate it truly, I was grouchy and feeling very put out. You can imagine my pure splendor when I came home to see that P had taken it upon himself to order us BBQ dinners from the Smoke Joint complete with Mac and Cheese, their famous BedStuy Potato salad and spiced French Fries. I don't remember if that day he had done the dishes or cleaned up, scooped the poop or made a huge mess. I just remember the smell of that BBQ and how they had an extree good batch of mac and cheese that day. This is my fantasy. This is what I dream out.

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