Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bobby Flay's got nothing on the Monkey!

To me, summer salads are like tex-mex food in a way. You really can take just about any fresh ingredients and mix them together and it tastes really good. I have been doing the chick peas a LOT lately because I love them for one and for two they're cheap and for three they really fill you up and for four you can add them to anything and they taste good. So I made this salad yesterday and then I got caught in a hour or two of mindless recipe watchin' and I found Bobby Flay did the exact same salad (minus the nectarine).

Speaking of nectarines, I chopped some fresh green jalapeno and then cut the nectarine with the same knife and ended up lickin' the knife and discovered, you know what tastes really good together??? Nectarine and jalapeno!!! I think I'll do something with those two as the main highlight. Maybe a grilled something...hmmm. I guess fruit in salsa is becoming common but maybe just adding lime and garlic to these two ingredients would be pretty good, especially if the nectarine was not super ripe.

Everyone seems to be adding watermelon to their salads lately and I think that would taste great in this one too. How do they keep it from getting too watery though?

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