Saturday, August 7, 2010

Don't underestimate the drink

I love eating and tasting food but drinks are also really important. You have to be creative if you don't drink alcohol. I really miss ice cold Corona with my mexican food and also Budweiser just about any time of the day or night. I also miss the strong taste of whiskey and how it really transformed my outlook on the night. Good tequila too in a salt laced margarita. And a well-made bloody mary could just about change your day. But nowadays I can find happiness in a cranberry seltzer with a lime twist. Don't knock it. You can gauge the amount of sweetness and tartness that you hanker by getting just the right mix. Lots of nights I only put a little squirt in the seltzer and on the weekends I go hog wild and put half and half. I even make 'suicides' as P calls 'em with OJ, seltzer and cranberry.

Another little discovery this year. I've been having some anxiety and when I'd visit my folks we'd make chamomile tea at night. It would help my mom to rest and it would help get me through watching the mexican novellas on full blast volume because my dad can't hear well. We'd all be asleep by 9:30. I really love the calm I feel at my folks, like time is standing still and stupid shit doesn't matter, like celebrities and going to work. Everything is stripped to basics like eating breakfast and lunch and having tea at night to help you relax.

A little cup of hot tea is fine in the winter but you know what really helps?? Drinking a big-ole honkin' glass of iced chamomile tea REALLY helps! I put the mint in it and the whole idea of it just starts make me feel relaxed.

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