Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hot Potato

Holy smokes! I had a few old spuds that I had to use up before we flew the coop for Florida. So I remembered I found a good recipe for baked fries on another blog awhile ago that looked really good. I tried them once before but this time....this time, all the stars aligned and let me tell you these little suckers were pert' near perfection.

What made the difference this time? I turned up the heat son! By adding a good heaping spoon full of these amazing freshly dried pepper seeds to the garlic oil. The heat was mellowed a bit but the flavor of the peppers was enhanced somehow but then mixed with all that garlic and slow crisp baked in that flavored olive oil.... Girrrrrrrrrrl! You gotta make these, like right now. And when I say make, I mean make hot sweet monkey love to them. They are what you need. Put cold ketchup on them and maybe a little vinegar or just some sea salt and maybe a dash of hot sauce.

Sure it's August in NYC, and in the hottest summer on record to date but get that oven on low and set yer ass down and relax. This old potato still has some gitty-up to it.

Here's the link:

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