Saturday, August 28, 2010


I had a white bean hummus snack dish on my short list this week. I love white bean dip and I love hummus. Matter of fact I guess the only difference is the addition of Tahini and cumin because the garlic, lemon, oil remains the same. Oh yeah and using cannellini beans instead of chick peas. Maybe it shouldn't be called a hummus, without the chick peas because I think that is the translation in Arabic.

I also added some fresh rosemary because I had some and it tastes nice with the beans. This was heartier I think too than regular hummus. I toasted up some whole wheat pita slices with a dash of spice mix and olive oil. I can see why hummus has been around forever. I read it is one of the oldest known prepared foods in the world. The way you eat it, feels very earthy and honest, dipping the warm bread and drizzling the olive oil over the bowl. Kinda feels like a step back in time. Like if one of the apostles dropped in unexpectedly, you could whip up this snack and they'd be pretty psyched. Except Judas, don't let him in. He might steal your money and your hummus.

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