Saturday, August 28, 2010

A pork shoulder to lean on

Pork shoulders were on sale down at the PathMark dontcha know so I slow roasted one last night with a garlic, vinegar, dried pepper rub. Oh my gosh, it looks and tastes so so good. I've done this lots before but I read a Nigella Lawson recipe where she left hers go for 24 hours on 275. I went 15 just because I woke up and had to taste it! The skin is crisp and amazing, the meat stayed nice and moist. Thank Goodness, because that was my fear, that it would dry up like my soul on a Sunday night.

Now pulled pork sandwiches are gonna happen no doubt this week but I wanted to go for something more interesting today. When we lived in SF, we started trying lots of Vietnamese food. They're soups were incredible. Here, they've opened a bunch of Vietnamese sandwich shops that serves these super cheap, super great pork sandwiches. So I'll do an homage to that 'Bahn Mi' (pronounced BUN mee) sandwich tonight in celebration of Tiger Wood's Jersey tournament 'come back' (we hope). So, they do a spicy butter-mayo spread on a toasted baguette and a julienne of carrots, cucumber and lots of cilantro. I thought there were jalapenos as well but I can't find a recipe. I'm going from memory and pics. Also, a big missing part is this amazing pate but this is an homage, not a total recreation so LAY OFF ME!

In place of the carrot, cucumber chop, I'm going to put in this fresh carrot, apple, radish, cabbage slaw that I made last night while I had my cuisanart out. I wanted to keep it light, so I opted out of the mayo and the sour cream and just went with rice vinegar, a pinch of sugar and lots of salt, pepper and fresh 'peno's. I'm adding a little heat with some chipolte mayo.

I've loved watching golf when Tiger was playing, like so many. This whole year has been tough with all that nonsense and what a shocker that whole fiasco was, huh?! This week the divorce went final and that's always rough to see but seems like the best thing. Hey we all got problems, hate our jobs, wanna kill our bosses, can't see any light until 'bout Thursday BUT or AND, no million dollar bankroll to soften the blow of it all. So, they'll be okay but our main concern is T's game. Will that recover? We're thinking possibly this will be the tourney that turns that boy around. I'm always looking for a good reason to make a small feast so I'll make some sides and call this a party. Sometimes you need a shoulder to lean on, even if he's a pig.

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