Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vacation (food) 's All I Ever Wanted

I hated the Go-Go's. The female equivalent of Frat boys. Mainly Belinda Carlisle - drunken sorority girl with a mic. But I don't want to talk about that.

I was all about the vacation food on this trip. Dreaming of what sorts of seafood delights would be in store. Where would we eat first? Would we swim and then eat or dine poolside???? Well long story short it was just great, the whole thing was so relaxing and just what the doctor ordered. The food....well, lets concentrate on the highlights. Of all places, McDonald's had THE best Angus Beef burger. Now we haven't had McDonald's in a year or so, and you know fast food in New York is questionable. Let's just say the regular standards are sub par. But this thing was a livin' dream.

It is Florida now, so don't expect good Mexican food or probably any Thai, Chinese, etc. (obvious!) And maybe the food isn't all that creative but you know food is like sex. As long as you're gettin' some, don't complain. They do seafood, Italian and Fried. They fry up stuff good. That is a talent actually and one you probably shouldn't explore too often.

Other highlights -
Trio salad and calamari lunch, poolside!! This was chicken, shrimp & tuna salad but each had its own. You can't underestimate a good tuna salad and this one was on the money.

BLT at the Paradise Cafe'. I had a turkey wrap but P's BLT had fresh mozzarella and it was GOOD!

Grouper Sandwich & Burger w/sweet potato & regular fries - That was really good! at the Beach Club. The sweet potato fries might be the best I've had. You could really taste the sweet potato. It inspired me to create a (pepper)hot baked version.

Not pictured - Baha taco's & shrimp poppers at NACHO MAMA'S *see mexican food expectations above. Yikes.

The winner though...Joey's NY Thin Crust Pizza. This was so good, we did 'er twice...for dinner.

No, we're not big spenders and we're lucky to be able to go on vacation period, but when you're swimming and sunning who wants to be bothered. These simple dishes were more than satisfying.

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