Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Global Recipe Competition

Oh let me think. How could a contest be any more accessible then to be with the company I work for, a cooking competition and if that wasn't enough it should be around healthy cooking. And let's see, the ingredients could include items featured in the Swedish Food Market, you know, the one I pass EVERY DAMN DAY! Boy, what a maroon!!! I can't believe I didn't enter or even try to come up with a recipe. Hey, sometimes I sits and thinks but a lot of times I just sits.

The last entry was due on 7/31. Maybe next year. It looked like it could have been fun. I don't know many (any) swedish recipes and I'm allergic to fish so it would have been a little tough but that is water under the bridge my friend. Because I'm an idiot.

Here was the ad -

Whatcha got Cookin'?
Do you have passion for food? The Global Recipe Competition is your chance to prove it!
Cooking and eating is all about togetherness and we want to share the passion and pride around the food we serve in our restaurants, and we need your help to do so! That’s why until July 31, all IKEA co-workers can compete for the best food recipe.

Depending on the character of your winning recipe(s), it might be served in IKEA restaurants all over the world or published in an upcoming IKEA cookbook! If you are one of the top five winners, you will be awarded a culinary trip to Sweden.


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