Saturday, August 14, 2010

(Path)Mark of the Devil

One of the oddest memories I have is my mom driving me and Annette Harbor to see 'Mark of the Devil' at the Rialto Theater in Fort Wayne, Indiana when I was about 8yrs old. Odd on so many levels. My mom didn't drive much. I never went ANYwhere. Hell my mom never went anywhere, not by herself anyway. And then me with a friend from school!!! A friend from school?? It all sounds so normal. I didn't have friends at school. Annette was a normal girl. She was popular. The Harbor's were like an institution, several generations had attended that school and they had roots, ...cheerleader roots. The movie it was sort of an adult horror movie and the location of the theater was a little sketchy. I think we saw 'boob' like in one scene. The audience was mostly men. And we had to wait outside to be picked up and it was 'evening'! What? This is freaking me out to even think about it. I'm racking my brain to wonder what prompted this whole semi-normal scene. I think my mom even gave us $5 each for candy???? Could it be? No.

Anyway, PATHMARK is pretty scary on any day but Saturday...forget it. You'd have to be almost nuts to brave the lines. What got us there was cheap beer and $2 steaks.

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