Saturday, August 7, 2010

Andy's Philly Tapenade

So, did the contest, well one video anyway about a hunnerd years ago and it was fun to do it but of course I didn't get noticed and my recipe was weak! It was fun making the video though but now the youtube video is forever on the web. P actually made it and we did about a zillion takes and I learned I pretty much turn into a moron while the camera is on.

I made an olive tapenade that you spread on crusty bread and it was actually really tasty. I learned you should test recipes (duh!). And I know that some contests are geared towards certain types of winners, ie.,cute housewives and mothers. I don't know if I'd trust a cook in NY either actually. Something is not authentic enough... but who cares. I also learned its real easy to make things taste good with cream cheese and then again, that shit is mad fattening and not good for you so its sorta hard to highlight a whole entire dish with cream cheese as the main ingredient.

I'm more into discovering new ways to cook with the least amount of processed products right now. I like the way its making me feel to eat less packaged foods and new grains and vegetables. I still like to have a romp on the plate with cheese often enough but not necessarily the creamy kind in a plastic tub. Don't get me wrong, Philly Cream Cheese is super good and nothing will replace it on a toasted New York bagel.

The next real challenge for me though is to finally come up with the ultimate snack street food that one could carry around and purchase off a cart or a small food's a dream.

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