Friday, July 30, 2010

Minute (steak) to win it!

I get these cheap sandwich steaks at Pathmark for like $2 and change. I figure, they're both twice the size of my hand so how bad can that be. We get the mental joy of eating 'steak' and it doesn't kill or even bruise the budget. But these little 'fellers are fickle. You have to season them not too much, but enough and mainly get the heat and timing right. You don't want to dry them out and you can't really under cook them but you want to get a little fry on them suckers. Both Patrick and I have fond memories of fighting back with our meat a bit, these same steaks that our moms fried up sort of like shoe leather. I (hopefully) make them a little easier on the teeth but if the edges are a little charred, it just makes us happy.

But really the main star of the plate was P's favorite cucumber-dill yogurt salad. Its simple but adding the lemon zest and cayenne pepper brings it home for me. I think the shelf life of this salad is 'same day' really but of course I'm not throwing out good food so I just drain the liquid and add some more fresh yogurt. We're in a recession ferchrissakes!

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