Sunday, July 18, 2010

tuna and white bean salad can work

I used to make huge pots of beans, bean soup, chili beans, white northern beans, and whatnot, then the summer came and I really want beans mainly in salads and cold dishes so even though its not as cheap, (it's still pretty darn cheap) I buy canned beans and I can have a variety ready for me at any time. My favorites are black beans, small white beans, cannelini and garbanzo beans.

I get lazy in the summer. I still want to cook but I don't want to work too hard, and also I'm trying to eat lighter, and use more fresh ingredients. So anyway, canned beans - they're my main staple along with cans of tuna. So, tuna and white bean salads have been really doing it for me as a lazy day quick meal. I also love me a greek salad so tonight I just combined the things I like best in both and it was good.

I also have plenty of melba toast crackers and those are great to go along side this salad.

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