Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mexican breakfasts....ahhh (sigh)

Mexican breakfasts are big and bold and right up my alley. We have Pequena Restaurant right around the corner that serves the best chicken chilaquiles on this planet! They have a salsa verde and you can get two fried eggs on top, which is almost too much food (but is there really such a thing???). I'll get a picture next time I'm there. I make mine (chilaquiles) differently with the egg tossed around the chips but I am there only to worship and devour their dish, not get technical.

So, my dad used to make the most delicious eggs rancheros but with summer sausage of all things. He made his own quick-style tomato ranchero sauce with peppers, onions and garlic and it was tangy and spicy and so so good to sop up that sauce with my mom's freshly made flour tortillas. But I'm trying not to eat summer sausage because it has so much fat (but man is it worth it actually, thinking about it now....) So, I made steak & eggs ranchero with torts and I sorta loved it, although if I coulda got a better grill on those steak slices, I think it could of been better. I used a $2 sandwich steak though so come 'on! I like heat so I added chili powder, cumin and some cayenne to my tomato, onion, garlic base. If I would have had fresh jalapenos, I would have added those.
I think the key though was deglazing that ding-dang hot grill pan that I made the steak on to get that flavor into the sauce.
Served it along with some canned black beans with a little jalapeno jack cheese and pickled jalapeno peppers.

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