Friday, July 30, 2010

pork and chicken

It seems like the only types of meat that is affordable when I go to the store are pork chops and chicken thighs. I'm thinking of doing a '101 ways with my thighs' because God knows there are so many great ways to eat that part of the bird. I mainly make the inexpensive cuts of pork chops during the week when I'm just looking to eat well, not make a huge production out of it. Usually that means seasoning them up both sides and frying em up fast and hot. Tonight I thought I'd dip them in egg and 'bread' them in panko crumbs, kinda like I do the chicken and bake 'em. Pretty good. I figure its still better than having two tortillas. I'm trying to cut down on the breads but you crave that shit. The key to chops (and chicken) since they can be a little bland for me is really flavoring the egg, the crumbs and then the meat before it takes the dip in the egg.

Anyway, served this along side some nice summer green and yellow squash with corn (it looked so pretty!) and my leftover cucumber-dill yogurt salad.

This is feeling really good and I got 8 chops for $4.68, so I feel even better. Pathmark is not the devil as I had thought previously this week...

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