Friday, November 4, 2022

It's Coming Around Again

Last night at work I had a chest pain that I thought was going to take me straight to the boneyard.  It lasted about 2 minutes and then it became a low grade ache that lasted a week.  I was at work and it was so bad that I felt I had better warn my coworker in case I dropped dead.  My coworker said, it's probably the virus, attacking your lymph nodes.  She studies about the body and has been my advisor since COVID.  She is interested in the Long Haul and understanding how it affects the body.  She usually yells at me, like its my fault when I get sick but then becomes intrigued with my symptoms. My ticker is good, I've had tons of tests.  Riding home out of breath and miserable, I figured she was right and later learned, she was indeed.  The COVID got me again.  It was a much milder version but because it comes with such a bizarre set of symptoms, I would never call it an easy ride.  When my body gets run down, its as if the virus comes alive again and wreaks havoc on my bladder, my heart, my muscles and nervous system.  Its always felt like the first virus never left my body.  It's certainly plausible that I could have contacted the various variants individually, but instead I believe the first version has never gone away.  
But life goes on and meals must be eaten.  I took advantage of the amazing lunch menu at Deniz, ordering the Chicken Kebab. On the other end of the phone, I hear yelling 'didn't you read the menu, the Chicken special is only available Monday through Thursday.  Friday must be lamb!  Don't you see it written??!!  Yeah, yeah, I say, no worries dude, I'll take the lamb.  Geez!  It was so delicious that I forgot all about the scolding.  Everyone is so intense in this town.

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