Monday, November 7, 2022

Hope You Guessed My Name

COVID meals
It's never pretty to get sick, for anyone.  A foodie's mind goes straight to food and the deep loss of possibly two weeks of anticipated meals.  Of how I won't be able to satiate myself but instead must rely on my mate to fetch sustenance.  I do love him so, but he will fail repeatedly in choosing adequate food options.  He loves food but doesn't live for it.  He doesn't notice the giant bruise on the zucchini or that the mushrooms are open and slimy when he hurriedly grabs the first ones on the shelf.  He doesn't search for the freshest bunch of cilantro, he yanks the first batch he finds.  Yes, meal standards will be lowered.   Taste and smell may disappear for that matter.  This is not a good time.  When it's twice a day for days, you must remember people are dealing with much bigger problems in the world right now.  This is not something to complain about.    I shut myself up with a bunch of these Asian noodle cups that are a cut above the average ramen in flavor.  It's just about sucking up that broth and letting the noodles fill you up, so you can sleep.  

Your body needs you to be strong during these COVID smack downs. It's going to wreak havoc on all of your insecurities and try to weigh down your spirit.  Weird things will hurt out of the blue, waking you from sleep like a loud bang from a ghost.  Acknowledge them, but keep breathing until they pass, and they just might.  In fact, it might feel like you've broken your foot or hand for 20 minutes to an hour so bad you scramble to comprehend how this is possible, then suddenly, it'll just go away.  All the nerves in your neck may send out a shock of pain to wake the dead.  Twice maybe, but then won't happen again.  You gotta tell yourself it's okay, otherwise you'll go insane.   Your left arm may feel it's hanging on to your heart and the weight of the dangle aches for days or almost two weeks.  Welcome to this demon mutherfrggin shitf*#k long haul virus that some of us wrestle with and for how long, no one knows. 

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