Thursday, November 10, 2022

Start Me Up!

Mushroom Puffy Omelet

This might be the year to dive into everything egg.  Methods, dishes, techniques.  I want to make a Dutch Baby.  I've also seen wild looking Korean type omelets on-line that I would love to try.  I don't have non-stick pans that my husband hasn't ruined, so traditional omelets have not been possible, but these fluffy ones sort of work with enough added butter.  Just adding height to eggs and whipping the whites make them so light and airy.  This one perfect food can be transformed by the way it is prepared. It can change the taste and texture entirely.  What a wonderful gift, the egg.  Like the banana, a perfect food. 

Are you a fan of breakfast?  Many are not.  Breakfast is special, like the egg.  What a better way to begin something than with an egg?  That's like the most beginning-est food there is. 

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