Thursday, November 24, 2022

Lunatic Fringe, We All Know You're Out There

Thanksgiving 2022
A very non-traditional Thanksgiving day was had this year.  Nothing feels the same or normal anymore, so how could we make a turkey and pretend?  A drive to the desolate Coney Island in the early morning to give thanks at the water and to try to feel something real in this life, far away from cell phones and laptop screens.  
A giant metal bug on a wall

Horses in Brooklyn

And finally my seascape dream, Coney Island in winter

As advertised

The longer you're hear, the more the world starts to feel topsy turvy and mad.  The word lunatic always comes to mind in this place.

Once home a nice bounty of delicious offerings from Oh!Dumplings here in my Brooklyn neighborhood.  What a surprise how exceptional every item was and all new to me, especially these Chinese Burgers.  

P met a man on the beach that had just taken an icy plunge into the waters.  We gasped as he came out, admiring his chutzpah.  Refreshed, he claimed he was spiritually uplifted and God urged him to do it, to make a fresh start.  A few minutes later, I see P looking onto the water seeking answers as well.  I turned around and he was stripped down to this underwear and running into the frigid sea as the Jamaican cheered him on. It was actually quite uplifting.  Even though this stranger had just done it, for him to inspire P on the spot, was moving.  They both experienced something bigger that day and I felt a little jealous I didn't have any such calling.  After his own awakening, P put back on his clothes and we continued our boardwalk jaunt.    

Inspiring breakfast bagel from La Bagel Delight earlier on another pier.  I felt a divine presence myself sitting in the sun, guarding my meal from the diving seagulls. 

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