Sunday, November 13, 2022

Let Me Let Go, Baby

This is an ode to my forbidden love, potato chips.  Specifically Lay's Potato Chips.  Before lunch, I pass the vending machines longingly eyeing my happy buddies in their bright yellow bags.  I want a salty, crunchy snack!  They know how to satisfy my hollowness.  

Let me let go,darling,won't you
I just gotta know,yeah
If this is for the best why are you still in my heart
Oh,you're still in my soul
Let me let go

But the truth is, I desperately need to stop eating these because they not only are bad for my health, they give me migraines.  Horrible head pounding, crushing migraines.  But it's so hard to give up something that helps me get through this bleak time of retail, the holidays.  

The lights of this strange city are shining
But they don't hold no fascination for me
I try to find the bright side,baby
But everywhere I look
Everywhere I turn
You're all I see

Lay's Potato Chips are the perfect snack. Eaten correctly, they don't even mar my lipstick.  I can save 1/2 of the bag for another day and save myself the shame of judging glances as I drop my coins in the vending machine  Oh yeah, that's a thing, with certain groups.  Virtue signaling with lunch choices.  They ensure everyone see's their giant quinoa salads and see through fruit containers.  No bad foods for them.   They might even snicker, 'Don't do it', as they pass by.  They don't understand how hard this is for some of us. 

I talked to you the other day
Looks like you made your escape
You put us behind,no matter how I try
I can't do the same

To ween off of the Lay's, I've been eating the 'methadone' version of chips, that don't seem to give me headaches, yet are still not the best snack option, admittedly.  Bring it home for us Faith,

Let me let go
Let me let go

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