Sunday, November 13, 2022

What Do You Know About If That's Real

New Cacti to replace the one I killed

Not wanting to prune my tall cactus, I found it bent over one morning with bright green aloe vera looking flesh exposed.  I was so scared that another of my long time cacti friends had bit the dust.  I grew this from a baby that traveled through 5 states face down in the backseat of P's car.   Stunned too early in the morning to react properly, I quickly reattached it and leaned it against the window hoping it would heal itself. Much to my surprise it did and now has two babies growing on the seam! 
Keeping with the Southwestern theme, I ordered Chile Verde Tamale and Stewed Chicken Tacos Supreme.  I spoke about this is a previous post, that when you load up soft taco shells, things tend to get soggy.  This one does,but it also tastes so good, that the sloppy mess is forgivable and part of the eating experience.  I believe this is the perfect combo from Maya Taqueria, as the other tacos are too dry and not as flavorful.  Whoever makes the tamales has the Goldilocks factor and should be worshiped.  You'd be surprised how hard it is to find a well seasoned shredded chicken taco too. 
So by all logic, this chicken taco should not work, but it does.  It so does!  Similarly, my plant maybe should have died but instead it fixed itself and lived!  It just goes to show you that we know so little about life.  Sometimes things turn out okay even when you think they're broken. 

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