Saturday, November 12, 2022

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me, Yes I Will

It occurred to me on this day that we should all have someone in our lives that likes us.  I don't mean crushes or people that fantasize about having physical relations.  What I'm talking about is those people who for whatever reason, recognize things inside of you. Sometimes in ways that you don't even understand yourself. It's as though they've known you or were looking for you to come.  They are convinced of your qualities!  I had a gal pal like this at work.  She started years ago and I just wanted her to be my bud at first glance because she was already mine in that intuitive way, although it didn't quite make sense to me either.  I gave her silly pet names and greeted her all the time with my quirkiness.  It wasn't reciprocated but we've since found a relationship, friendship-lite, I'd call it.  Very slowly, she's accepted tolerated me.  After time, I realized I don't need her to like me, the gift is in liking her.  Surrendering to instinct, something bigger than what can be understood, is pretty cool. 
An older lady at work, always greets me with the enthusiasm of a hungry puppy.  If she had a tail it would be wagging uncontrollably when she asks me how I'm doing.  Unlike most folks, she truly wants to hear the long version of that answer.  At first, it was slightly shocking, off-putting in a strange way.  So much so, that I dismissed her as a nutcase for awhile but it turned out she's genuinely smart and very considerate.    She's the type that listens and retains personal details about your life so the next time she see's you, she follows up on the last conversation.  This is a miraculous trait to me, as I don't absorb anything and can barely remember what I've said.   
I love pizza so much that I continually try to invent silly ways to incorporate components into regular food, like roasted chicken.  This time I started innocently enough with a white bean and red pepper braised chicken idea.  But the more Italian it became, the more I realized, with a little effort, it could become pizza chicken.

I'm embarrassed to say, I topped it with Mozzarella cheese and Pepperoni, which was so unnecessary.  But, I have to say, it was pretty good!

For whatever reason, this elderly coworker has taken a shine to my presence and wants nothing but to innocently feed her curiosity.  I believe it's nothing to do with me, the person, instead something in my spirit she recognizes.  This is how I feel about Debulicious.  I have no idea why these familiar attributes make my spirit tickle.  I'm not sure which is better, to like or be liked, in this way but I hope everyone has a few of these folks in their lives. 


  1. I can't sign in for some reason so I'll just let you know it's your friend with the chickens in Nashville😂


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