Monday, October 31, 2022

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Braised & Glazed Honey Chicken 
Have you realized many recipes appeal to you based on the title?  Just like clever album covers in the bin, I'm calling this Braised and Glazed Honey Chicken to get a notice.  It's certainly worth the little effort it takes to make and the reward is a tangy, spicy tender chicken that wakes up your senses.
Small display of Fall colors out of my kitchen window
In a Dutch oven, simply brown seasoned chicken legs on all sides before adding lemon, honey, Asian garlic sauce, lots of garlic, soy and Hoisin sauce and just enough chicken stock to come half way up the chicken. Stir very well.  Cover and put in oven on 375 for 40 minutes.  I served it over a mushroom wild rice and sauteed cabbage. 
This will reward your taste buds in spades and like a barbecue sauce, can grow and change up as needed.  Add a little tomato paste or chili flakes. Sesame oil is also nice. Ginger is very welcome.  You can do this in the slow cooker. You can marinate overnight if you have the time.  Once I put in two cans of Cannellini beans along with all the rest and they came out tasting exactly like the best baked beans.  This time I added potatoes.

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