Friday, October 21, 2022

We Gotta Try Harder Baby

A little surprise Pumpkin Carrot cake from Mr Mango corner grocery 
Recently we've contemplated that just like any simple but delicious food, it's not that easy to get a great taco, maybe that much harder.   It can really go off course. You can argue what is the correct version, the crispy corn shell versus the steamed double, but even further, the toppings are essential.  But I say, made right, any taco could be spectacular.  If you serve a more traditional meat taco, the steak should be well seasoned and the star or if you're doing chicken, let it be grilled and tender.  There is nothing worse than a dry taco.  Condiments should be kept to a minimum with fresh pico or salsa, maybe some fresh or pickled onions and lime to squeeze over.  If you're going the route of the American taco, adding fresh lettuce, tomato, sour cream and cheese, then I feel it's best to do this on a crispy shell or it's a soggy mess.  Its seems so basic but it really is hard to get a bangin' taco, or make one for that matter.  This one above from a new taco truck in the neighborhood suspiciously run by middle easterners, serving Empanadas.  This happens here in New York but I always wonder, why?  Perhaps its Halal meat, in that case, everyone needs their variety I suppose, but stay in your lane unless you're bringing something new, or exceptional goods. This was not that.

Leftover Chicken Vegetable Soup for dinner
A Puffy Omelette redo
It's hard to get it right, like this simple Puffy Omelet I've attempted numerous times and succeeded only once.

It's an idiot's task to whisk the whites by hand.  Do yourself a favor and do this with a hand blender.

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