Tuesday, October 4, 2022

I Don't Feel Like Living Today

Kitchen Sink Frittata
If your fridge is in need of clearing out the bits and pieces of vegetables you never finished, which tends to happen a lot, you can pull together an insanely satisfying frittata.  I had potatoes, ham, broccoli, mushrooms and sour cream.  Similar to a crock pot meal, you could throw everything in uncooked and it would be just fine, good even.  But to get deeper flavors, you can roast the potatoes first and fry up the ham to get a little crisp.  Even the mushrooms are so much richer if you saute them beforehand.  
Sometimes you have it it in you to go the extra mile.  To try to get all the stars to line up and work together perfectly.  Like the saltiness of the ham, mixed with the creaminess of the eggs and sour cream, the jalapeno cheese on the broccoli and mushrooms.  Each bite is a festival of flavors.  

As I write this today, there are no such gay festivities.  I don't have it in me to dirty one pan let alone three.  No, today will be leftovers or some sad ass lonely-girl spaghetti eaten over the stove. Or worse, cereal.  It's not all roasts and casseroles over here, the food monkey has many days where food is just another chore to stress about.  

Country Music legend Loretta Lynn passed today

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