Saturday, October 22, 2022

Just As Long As We Have Glee

Sheet pan burgers with roasted cabbage

A walk in the neighborhood revealed a few cool Halloween efforts but the majority were reduced to an uncarved pumpkin on a stairwell this year.  Its a reflection of our waning creative spirits, I believe.  We have weary hearts and rightfully so.  We want to celebrate traditions but the air is feeling a little empty, void of loving nutrients.  Celebrating at this time, feels a bit like we're not reading the room.  This reminds me of being a small kid in the 60's.  Christmas wasn't all Santa Claus and Jesus Christ in our house when drunk uncles came blasting in unable to form sentences, screaming obscenities and proclamations that changed the faces of all the grown ups.  Later seeing the sacred tree juxtaposed with the dank smell of an all-night mumbling drunk sunken in the couch can leave a kid confused.  Similarly, things are not right in the world right now, it's apparent, you can feel it in the air.  You could argue this is always the case, but I think there is enough going on that is not 'okay', that its harder to ignore and go on about our Whoville merrymaking. 
However in the famous Grinch Who Stole Christmas story, that's exactly what the good people of Whoville did.  They still kept the holidays alive by going about their traditional celebrations and praises.  So maybe it is important for us to fight the dark, not by ignoring it but by continuing to acknowledge all the light in the world that still exists. 
Some people know how to bring the Halloween effort

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