Thursday, February 18, 2021

It's Easier Than Just Waiting Around to Die

Rest in Peace

Looking fancy on a trip to Mexico

My father passed yesterday peacefully with loving grandchildren literally at his bedside in Arizona. Without dredging up unnecessary muck, I can only report that death during the Pandemic is brutal on dysfunctional families.  Just one more layer of hardship on already tired souls.  
In order not to pound my face in the pavement, I went to the kitchen to make a tribute meal for dad.  One of my favorite memories is watching Westerns with him and basically anytime he was in the kitchen, because that's when he was most animated.  So I made a comforting Albondigas Soup and rented the Homesman with Tommy Lee Jones in his honor.  We didn't eat this growing up but it looked beautiful and soups can be medicine when you need them to be. 

I'll miss his sense of humor and always admire how he kept learning, reading and remained so in love with life always and until the end.  He told me to embrace my craziness, to thank my lucky stars if I'm nuts because we're the blessed ones in life.  We don't see all the ugliness.  He was wrong but that stayed with me and helped.  

People say, 'well, he was 97' as if you should be ready to let him go, which makes logical sense but I think it was my nephew Ty that said, at 97 they've been with you so many more years that it's even harder to see them go away.  Me and Sid went full circle in this lifetime.  


Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home?