Sunday, February 7, 2021

Hey Jack It's a Fact, A Champs Getting Crowned

Superbowl Sunday 2021
I'm not really into football but I do love any occasion that calls for a celebration in snackage.  Plus, this year several people including my sister, kept assuring me that the Weeknd was incredible, so I was also anticipating a halfway decent Halftime show.  He was so cute and I may have liked it more if someone wasn't complaining about mediocre performances through the whole show. Miley Cyrus ended up impressing me though, as she tends to do and she brought out my Joanie, which was a sweet surprise.
Baked Feta - Hands down, thE most surprisingly delightful appetizer.  Tons of garlic, sun dried tomatoes, pepper flakes, herbs, good olive oil all baked around a block of feta, somehow creates a rich, taste sensation that is addictive as heck!  Warm crostini to dip in that festival of flavor is all you need.  This is what I'd call a super bowl. 
Pig Candy - Maple and Brown sugar coated bacon dries to a crispy sweet and savory treat.  This would be a great gift idea, maybe in a decorative holder.  This is special.  
Greek dip with fried wonton chips - most closely related to this recipe idea from the site. Very refreshing, lemony goodness!  I bought wonton wrappers for chile lime shrimp cups but realized I had over estimated my energy level, so I fried them up and used them for chips.  I didn't miss the pita one bit. 
little antipasto skewers. cute. 
Pear, prosciutto, arugula bites
Old fashioned Sour Cream and Onion dip with Potato Chips!  Is there anything better, especially when you haven't eaten this combo in years?
Great day....and a winter storm to boot

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