Friday, February 19, 2021

But I Always Thought That I'd See You Again

Leftover Albondigas Soup

This was one of those illusory type of days that happen after someone passes.  You can't grasp the news as a heavy fog rolls over all of your thoughts.  I walked around, outside of my body in a seemingly non-existent world all day.  Nothing felt real except for these two oven tacos.  I literally threw two corn tortillas on a sheet pan and slathered them in olive oil before filling them with melty cheese and meat, then schmooshed them down with a spatula.  I was probably crying the whole time.  In a hot oven they stayed until slightly crispy and for some reason, tasted like the best thing ever created.  Dad would have liked them for a snack and as the patriarchal foodie, probably would have appreciated or at least understood the nervous eating. 

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