Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Be Here to Love Me Today

My dad is leaving this earth.  When people begin to pass, you may get little gifts from the universe if you're lucky and pay attention.  My niece who had cared for him for years texted at 4am that she had a horrible feeling he was passing.  A mourning dove cried so loud at my window the next morning that it woke us, P thought it was an owl.  I remembered these birds from my mom and dad's houses in Arizona.  What an emotional song, more of a lamenting cry.  And that bird stayed with us for days, until another joined him after he passed and now they sit on the air conditioner making all kinds of racket.   
My Christmas cactus bloomed that next day, which I also took as a little nod from my mom.  Her spirit was definitely distributed in the birds and flowers, I believe.  And it would be like her to try to comfort me right now.
These sloppy dumplings made from pork, carrots, onion and garlic were made with nervous, sad hands.  

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