Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Brace for Impact

Vinyl gifts!
It's my 59th birthday.  I'm grateful for what I have and just yesterday found out that I do not have damage to my bladder, as was thought.  However, it was made a little clearer that I am officially in what they call, Long COVID Syndrome but it would still take some weeks to really understand what that means.  My urologist seemed to warn me to brace myself for some strife.  The best way to describe how I feel right now is that of a normally healthy 86 year old with a bad flu, everything hurts but I'm in good spirits. What feels the best is having a blanket on my knee and to be resting.  
My doctor says my immune system is working overtime, like those men who get attacked in movies and wake up in a nightmare still swinging.  History has proved, I'm no prize fighter. On the other hand, I tend to survive in situations.  People, including me, underestimate my ability to hang on, like a tough little barnacle to this ship that we call our life.  
This is a perfect example of the bizarre world we're living in right now.  In no sane universe would I EVER pick Dominos Pizza for my birthday meal. And yet, here it is on my table.
Chess board!
The warmest robe with the silkiest pajamas and clown slippers
Customized candle from my sister
Steak and eggs with hashbrowns made by P for me!  

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