Friday, February 5, 2021

Some Men Search for Silver, Some for Gold

Another sheet pan dinner, this time using the one piece of boneless chicken thigh left from the pack and chicken mango sausage with potatoes, onions and kale.  Brown rice simmered in stock, garlic and herbs is a comforting accompaniment.  At the time I didn't realize I doubled the starch but that's okay, it helps you eat less meat.
My sister sent me flowers for my upcoming birthday.  I don't think I've ever received fresh flowers hand delivered.  Women know what other women would appreciate in gifts and sentiments. I didn't even think I would want real flowers but they were such a welcome beauty in this germ box of an apartment.  I found myself smelling and fiddling with them regularly, and prompting the buds to bloom became a daily project.   What a gift my sister is as well.  She tells me she loves me the embarrassing amount of times I feel I need to hear it, and I never have to ask her.  Her gifts are thoughtful and hand-picked.  She texts me at least 20 times a day and I truly appreciate her.  
We spend so much time considering what we need or what we don't have.  Or we think, boy if I just had this one thing, I could be right, or happy.   But we all know that is such a farce.  The joke is on us because we have exactly what we need in the moment we're in, but we're not taught how to find it.  We're encouraged to spend money, to get rich, to follow our dreams, to work hard, to look great, to exercise, to be hopeful for the future but no one teaches us how sensational it is to just breathe in and BE in the moment we are in.  Everything is here now. 

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