Friday, February 26, 2021

There's a Moon Over Me So Bright, It Lights Up My Sorrow For Everyone To See

Like the groundhog, I popped out of my hole and took a walk today.  The day was sunny and warm for the first time.  After a few steps, I realized I still felt pretty vulnerable in the out of doors.  Crossing streets and passing fast walkers, left me a little skittish.  I ventured out for fresh air, to get a bit of exercise but the true motivation was to find a dress for my father's funeral, a bleak task on this sunny day.  Walking towards Fulton Mall I got caught behind a woman with a bloodied nose who stopped periodically to thrust her face forward, apparently to dislodge liquids and then immediately howl beastly grunts.  Instantly I shrunk up, feeling queasy trying not to meet her eyes that looked so violent.  I crossed the street and she followed suit.  I'm a little gun shy with germs right now, not to mention mentally ill people with loads of energy.  By the way, there are a lot more of them on the streets and subways.  I stopped to recoil into the cyber world for a moment but decided to push on after a few voice texts.  
I haven't worn a dress since my mother's funeral 3 years ago.  In a desperate desire to crawl back to my burrow, I ended up settling with one that looked like it came out of Eunice's closet from Mama's Family   
All in all, I'm still calling this a good day.  Excellent breakfast tostadas with leftover meat and sauce from last night's enchiladas with added creamy scrambled eggs and this amazing daytime full moon.  
It's heartbreaking to see all these new mentally ill people in need of help on the streets but it did serve as a helpful gauge for me on this day.  Perhaps my weakness is on display but I got my crazy tucked in pretty tight under my mask, glasses and hat. 

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