Friday, February 12, 2021

Makes Me Wanna Holler, the Way They Do My Life

Mushroom Migas for breakfast with Roasted Chicken Apple Sausage.  A good amount of homemade chips fried in oil, then added to sauteed mushrooms, onions, scrambled eggs and monterey jack cheese.  There is something about a just fried chip and egg that is unusually satisfying, probably the disproportionate amount of fat.   What was special about this was the mushrooms, eggs, herbs and cheese together with the chips was less Mexican tasting and more earthy, cowboy-meets-Indian-squaw type feel.  
I eat a lot of mushrooms and I'll tell you why.  I haven't been going to the store post COVID but I ask P to go to the fresh market and buy the vegetable that looks the most vibrant.  I tell him to look for what's in season and fresh, usually they'll have a bounty outside in front bins.  But he comes back with odd things, like a small bunch of carrots or many times, one basket of bella mushrooms.  I need to learn to be super specific before I go crazy.  But on the bright side, I've really learned to appreciate carrots and mushrooms.  And if this man was not so challenged by simple tasks, I might not have discovered this rustic delight.

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