Monday, March 23, 2020

You Are Everything, And Everything is You(Tube)

Ham & Potato Soup with added Edamame
When your entire world becomes 800 sq ft of living space, it gives you an incredible insight as to how mental illness can form.  Also, this quarantine block might give us the data needed to test just how long it truly does take for humans to go feral.  Its always fascinated me that the domestic pig only takes 2 weeks.  Best to keep the mind active.  Thankfully my lifelong paranoia has somewhat prepared me for this time.  It's all about the tools in your toolbox.  Books and movies are key but for many of us, our attention span has whittled down to the nub.   For that reason, I honor today the almighty, YouTube.  Probably the one social on-line site that gives back the most positive experience.

I'm no stranger to the benefits of You Tube, in fact it's saved me from myself in the last few years.  Its been so many things actually.  A way to watch my favorite artists perform, nightly television entertainment chopped into easily digestible bites.  It's been an on-line school, a place to find the best spiritual lectures, not to mention all the amazing podcasts.  Its been nothing short of a virtual soul asylum.

This week I have found that marathon watching skim-boarding videos can be the everything you need to bury fears and negative thought patterns from forming.  Youth at the height of their craft taking on waves of impossible proportion and killing it.  Subjects that always fascinated me but there was no time for, suddenly can be absorbed, like late night book cramming.  A college education from the most bizarre university of You.

Unless you have a super strong disposition, it's hard to completely stay off of a news feed right now.  We need to at least check in but afterwards, I recommend a minimum 30 minutes of straight funny animal videos.  Talking birds are good, especially the ones that curse.  Monkeys are always a safe choice.  Bear close calls are my personal favorite.  Cats being assholes, another solid winner.  Stay away from animal attacks, it's fun for a moment but I truly believe watching negative subject matter is just as bad for the environment as throwing trash on the ground.  But you have to get off the train at some point, so I advise rounding it out with a 10-minute trail cam capture.  I had no idea minks and weasels were just running around at night like that!

With the same enthusiasm as a child choosing penny-candy, at night I file through my feed making selections for the queue before I go full screen, sit back and let the fun begin.
 I transformed my leftover creamless ham and potato soup with edamame & sesame oil to give it some color and new bonus flavor.  Mine has an indecent amount of black pepper.  Gangsta rollin'!!

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