Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Looks Like We've Finally Reached the Turning Point

In a nervous bout of over-thinking, I became fearful of not having 'good food' for awhile so I ran out and got ingredients for a deeply satisfying Hunter's Chicken today.  Realizing I was in a very crowded tiny market, I rushed to get out of there and then scolded myself for not being more cognizant of my surroundings.  Taking a solo walk, which I thought was no big deal, became strange when even avoiding close proximity is impossible with our population.  Many people were running and walking their dogs, individually but like me, probably thought it would be okay, what difference could 1 person make?  The dog's gotta poop right?  But the six foot rule sort of became awkward to keep in place.  Methods are changing daily.  My buddy Josh had mentioned in passing the idea of possibly rationing his food, like when would it be too early to consider doing this.  That stunned me.  So many new concerns but Yes, he's absolutely right! I thought.  We should be conserving, being mindful of what we're spending with cash, the items we buy in order to prepare for worst case scenarios. Not just stocking up but setting the pace now, to last the race.  Smaller portions, less meat, making things last.  I mean, if the grocery stores and bodegas closed tomorrow, are you truly prepared to last 3 months?  Two weeks is one thing but those of us with tiny freezers can only fit so much.  I have beans for days and rice.  We'll eat but not necessarily well.  That's an inconvenience, not a fear though.  Of course if the gas goes off, or some other necessity is taken from us like water, we're screwed unless you have tons of canned pre-cooked food, which we don't.
Hunter's Chicken 
It was a bit irresponsible to make this yesterday like all was well in the world but it's not like it was a rack of lamb or anything.  But starting tomorrow we'll be eating all leftovers and first in, first out rules will apply for the fridge. 

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