Saturday, March 28, 2020

Let's Face the Music and Dance

Birthday Beef Enchiladas
P turned 57 in quarantine.  Due to the fact that life will never be the same, and jobs are uncertain, he received zero presents.  The days before I felt under the weather and super fatigued.  I told my friend it felt like they sprayed stupid powder in the air.  I was having trouble forming thoughts.  The plan was to order delivery and try to make some fun out of lemons.  Then on the actual day, I had better energy but realized P was looking a little green around the gills.  We handle sickness entirely different.  His method is to deny, deny, deny until he can no longer, and then he'll tell me every five seconds, Wow, I'm super congested, Dang, I must be really sick, Oh man, I can't believe I feel this terrible as if it was of national concern.   I, of course, saw us both worsening days before but it was gradual, so it was no surprise to me that he woke feeling ill.  On the other hand, I approach my body like a teenage boy with his car, losing it if I see the slightest ding. I'm always hyper aware of any quirk, odd sound or jerk.  I need to understand what is happening and daily maintenance checks are required.  I would complain but P has such an uneasiness with weakness and is thE worst comforter.  Sometimes I think I'd rather bleed out alone in the corner before trying to get sympathy from that man.  Of course he has other attributes and when can I think of them, I'll surely write them down for ya.
I'm not the warmest person either but I did ask if he could have anything for his birthday dinner, what would it be and he picked enchiladas.  I didn't grow up eating baked enchiladas like this but instead they were rolled straight out of the sauce with cold cheese and onions, which is the best way but this is no slouch.  Seasoned ground beef, onion and cheese inside and baked.  This isn't anything new of course, your Aunt Bitty probably makes them but if you get that sauce special, that makes the difference.  Also, your choice of cheese can change the flavor mood quite a bit, depending on the spice of your sauce but it's mostly a personal preference.  The only musts here are iceberg lettuce and raw onion.  I topped these with canned black olives.

Views On the Road Beef Enchilada Recipe
After you get your sauce perfect the only other hardship is softening all the corn tortillas in hot oil. Don't cut calories by skipping this step and steaming but that does work if you must.  But don't, because so much flavor is lost.  Plus, you're not frying, just softening the tort.  But in doing that, it releases all this earthy corn flavor that is essential for the full experience, the whole enchilada if you will!  I'm telling you it's the difference between barbecue or boiled chicken.  You dredge in the sauce before filling and rolling each one.  It's a process that one could master.  I haven't.  You need to get that grandma vibe going, that women who tirelessly does all day for others while thinking nothing of herself.  That's what it takes to make the best tamales or enchiladas, anything you assemble with such intent to get the perfect proportions.
We actually played Scrabble like dweebs and spun records staying away from all doomsday scenarios and pandemic news.
When you're married to Nick Cartwright from Bonanza

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