Sunday, March 29, 2020

Hey (COVID) 19, No We Can't Dance Together

My 96 year old dad microwaves sweet potatoes and eats them for breakfast out in Tucson, as a supplement to the big breakfast burritos my nephew-in-law makes him. I love that he keeps a good appetite.  Sweet Potatoes are such a great Pandemic Pantry idea.  I baked off a couple giants ones to stuff and reheat the next day.  But seeing pics of my dad recovering from a recent cough in the thick of this pandemic, looking so optimistic, peeling these sweet orange Vitamin filled potatoes, made me so grateful and full of love, that I had to eat one quickly to share in the moment from way over here in Brooklyn.
I mashed the pulp in a pan with a pat of butter, a little almond milk, cinnamon, seeds & nuts, honey and for crunch I crumbled up a Nature bar.  Food during this quarantine tastes different, it feels more purposeful.  The fact that my dad is healing and keeping himself going gives me inspiration to stay focused on remaining healthy in mind and body during this time.

My dad sporting his new eyeglasses and feeling good!

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