Monday, March 9, 2020

We'd Like To Know A Little Bit About You For Our Files

A few years ago the Census Bureau came knocking on our building for days in a row and would not relent. I'm pretty sure at that time no one who resided in the apartment below was a willing participant for giving personal information.  Those windows didn't look like they'd opened for 30 years or more. Finally, it came down to a shouting match between me from the 3rd floor and a clipboard holding warrior on the street below.  He demanded I come down to fill out his form,  that it was the law and he would continue to come until I did.  I had always assumed completing these forms was optional and just another way for the man to keep tabs on us in sneaky ways, so I threw them out.  When this intruder came pestering me like this, it felt personal.  I wouldn't do it out of spite.  I've always wondered, did everyone just do this willingly? Was I the only jerk that objected?  This year I read that you could indeed get fined and that you are obligated to provide the information, so I did.  I begrudgingly went on-line and filled it out for the household.  What time did you go to work in the last week?  What are the most important duties of your job?  This thing goes on forever and way beyond what I felt comfortable answering.
I cubed up some boneless pork, seared it and then added onions, garlic.  After that, full disclosure, I don't mind telling you I added a can of this La Victoria Enchilada Sauce.  It was a gamble because who trusts canned sauces plus it feels like cheating.  I just put a lid on it to let it thicken and marry.  It was super excellent!

I made a chunky guacamole for iceberg lettuce tacos.  I would highly recommend going this route for a super quick dinner and if you eat flour tortillas, even better!  To get this depth of flavor in such a fast turnaround is rare. 

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