Saturday, March 7, 2020

Now I Need a Place to Hide Away

Sister's Homemade Pizza Pie
Back a week or so ago, when life was simple and no one had cooties, our main dilemma in my apartment was if we should eat the fatty pizza at Not Ray's instead of our amazing slices at Lean Crust Pizza next door.  Ah, the good old days.  And in another case of Twinsies, my sister made a homemade pizza and crust way over in Colorado because simultaneously neither of us could last one more minute without chomping into a big slice of this Italian treat.  Looked so great!
Not Ray's Stuffed Meat Slice
I've been craving these stuffed meat slices from Not Ray's down the street.  But because all fast food is feeling like it could kill us the whole hour after eating it, we agreed on only one slice each.  I'm pretty sure that's all you could eat to be honest without going into cardiac arrest but my eyes and stomach always strongly disagree. 

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