Thursday, March 12, 2020

Beans For Breakfast Once Again

Soon we may be eating a hell of a lot more beans. My biological stomach clock must have known ahead of time and started practicing early.  In any case, these were fabulous alongside this molten cheese burger patty topped with chunky quac. 
Each day is bringing vast differences.  Last Thursday, when I made these, seems like 3 months ago.  And the US is split into time realities as well, with some states already sheltering in place while others in Florida are frolicking on beaches without a care in the world.  Unlike Italy, we're not singing across the balconies to comfort each other, instead here in Brooklyn we're judging from the fire escapes, screaming for people to get off the streets. (there's a video) Is this the best we can be?  I hope it's the minority and most staying cool, checking on others.  It's incredibly hard for me not to judge as I watch the ignorant spring-breakers whine that this whole virus thing is being blown out of proportion, complaining because the bars are closing.  Then again, they're just being young and full of dumb, trying to have fun while I've sat and read every depressing article out there, including this one today, so my viewpoint is way different.  It does highlight how privileged we are though because at college age, and with information flowing as it does, shouldn't you realize this is not business as usual?  I'm not on a pedestal, just making observations.   

Crock Pot Pinto Beans with Smoked Turkey Necks
Breakfast bowl of you guessed it, beans, egg, bacon and guacamole.

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